• Revenue generator - customers have experienced a 20-30% uplift in sales

  • Fast - redefines consumers' expectations for speed of service. Wine can now be a Quick Transactional Product (QTP)

  • Greener - it will reduce your carbon footprint vs. any other solution on the market. Simply put: less packaging, less material usage, and less weight

  • Safe - it is the only flexible pre-filled wine glass solution. It is shatter-proof and has other health and safety related advantage to competing offerings 

  • Advertising - the structure can be designed to e.g. broadcast advertising messages or run competitions by tailoring the side labels

  • Operational efficiency - it offers great storage and transport advantages. 

  • ... get in touch for a discussion and benchmark details!

Your Opportunity

If you are a 'live events' organiser

You will probably be looking for a safe, easy to transport and quick to transact wine offering? You are tired of complaints about long-queues and look for ways to reduce waste? ...but would welcome some additional sales?

We have what you want - our product structure has been a success at events with over 100,000+ visitors. 

If you are a Retailer

You may also want a pre-filled single-serve wine offering? Perhaps you have spotted an opportunity to create meal deals for 'grown-ups', or like to offer commuters  a glass of wine? ... and would not miss the '18.7cl' bottle?

The 'Enjoy Life By The Glass' range offers new ways and opportunities to satisfy the growing demand for wine 'on-the-go' and single serves.

If you are in the travel industry

You value weight, space and time at a premium? You work under strict safety restrictions? ... but look for ways to serve customers more efficiently and for ways to differentiate yourself?